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In pics: 20 bn investments puts Sokhna port on global trade map

CAIRO – 15 November 2021: Ain Sokhna Port is witnessing an ambitious plan aimed at maximizing the economic return from the port, which occupies an exceptional geographical location among international trade lines.


This plan gives a huge opportunity to transform the port into the largest hub port in the Red Sea serving the trade movement between South and east Asia, South and West Europe and North Africa.

The total value of the construction and development works in Ain Sokhna port is estimated at EGP 20 billion, and set to be completed within two years.


As part of the plan is the fast electric train project “Ain Sokhna/Alexandria / New El-Alamein”, which will provide multimodal transport services for trade between East and West, in addition to the establishment of a railway network inside the port with a length of (10 km) to keep pace with the development work being carried out to be used in transporting goods.


The development operations did not neglect the general planning aspect of the port site, to match the latest international ports and be one of the largest, most beautiful and best Red Sea ports at all.

The new port will be the largest pivot port in the Red Sea to serve the trade exchange movement between South and East Asia, South and West Europe and North Africa.

The list of ongoing development work in the development project on an area of ​​23 km includes the construction of four new basins and new berths with a length of 12 km and a depth of 18 meters, in addition to trading yards with an area of ​​5.6 million square meters, in addition to commercial and logistical areas with an area of ​​​​5, 3 km2), served by a network of railways with a length of (33 km) connected to the fast electric train Sokhna / Marsa Matrouh, and transporting goods – containers from the Red Sea and all parts of the Republic to Alexandria Port on the Mediterranean.

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